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 Draconis Ark Donation List

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PostSubject: Draconis Ark Donation List   Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:20 pm

Donation List
Donate today to help keep the sever running

Perfect Tame Quetzal $13
Perfect Tame Dire Wolf $2
Perfect Tame Dire Bear $2
Perfect Tame Mosasaur $15
Perfect Tame Argentavis $2
Perfect Tame Pteradon $1.50
Perfect Tame Basilo $10
Perfect Tame Mantis $5
Perfect Tame Rock Golem $18
Perfect Tame Wyvern $15
Perfect Tame Griffin $18
Perfect Tame Unicorn $4
Perfect Tame Giga $20
Perfect Tame Spino $5
Perfect Tame Rex $5
Perfect Tame otter $4
Perfect Tame Phoenix $20**
(Phoenix will only eat Sulfur)

Tools and Weapons:
Ascendant Weapon 700% $8
Ascendant hatchet, pickaxe and sickle $8
Ascendant Armour $12 for a set
Ascendant Saddles $2
MasterCraft Armor $9 for a set
Tek Rifle $5
Tek Sword $5
Tek Shield $5
Tek Combo (rifle, sword and shield) $12

Element x1000 $5
Black Pearls x1000 $5
Electronics x1000 $5
Cementing Paste 500 $2.50
Clay x1000 $1.50
Polymer x1000 $2
Sulfur x1000 $1.50
Building parts x100 = $5 (does not include Tek building parts)
Tek Building parts x75 = $12

Boss Fights:
Ragnarok Boss $5

More available upon request


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Draconis Ark Donation List
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