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 Final Fantasy XIII

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Final Fantasy XIII Empty
PostSubject: Final Fantasy XIII   Final Fantasy XIII Icon_minitimeWed Aug 27, 2008 12:51 pm

Sony's insistence on constantly reaming their customers has finally bitten them on the arse. It's time they finally paid for their arrogance, moreso in the English-speaking world, and especially in Australia. Gimped and totally removed backwards compatibility, discontinued "premium" (extra USB/mem card slots) version, removal of SA-CD playback... all these features would be pittance for them to continue to include, but Sony hates you.

In light of this, Square/Enix have harked the call of sensible consumers, and will be porting FFXIII to the Xbox 360 while they are translating it to English.

This will be the first time a core Final Fantasy title has been released cross-platform ever. They started as NES exclusives, then SNES exclusives, then PSOne exclusives, and most recently PS2 exclusives. FFXIII will initially be released as a PS3 exclusive in Japan, due to the fact that (A) Sony loves the Japanese (B) Sony hasn't gimped Japanese PS3s (C) Due to A and B, PS3 is more popular in Japan. However while the game is being translated to English, it will simultaneously be ported to the Xbox 360.

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Final Fantasy XIII
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