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 Draconis Ark Rules

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PostSubject: Draconis Ark Rules   Draconis Ark Rules Icon_minitimeMon Dec 11, 2017 12:19 pm

1. Don't advertise other servers
2. Do not building block players, and block players in structures
3. Do not pillar or build where you don't intend on using
4. Do not build at spawn points
5. Do not grief players
6. Do not steal from other plays
7. Do not pick up players or players tames with out their permission
8. Do not be rude or obnoxious to other players - this includes disrespecting rules
9. Report players via submitting on discord
10. Don't steal Admin dinos, dinos spawned by admin, stolen by non-donators will be repo'd or killed.

Draconis Ark Rules 402073[/url]
Draconis Ark Rules Dragonbar_286251Draconis Ark Rules Dragonbar_348974Draconis Ark Rules Dragonbar_402816
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Draconis Ark Rules
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